Stair Lift in USA: Acorn stair lift or AmeriGlide?

Elevator staircase used by people who have difficulty using stairs. A small chair or platform used to bring a person up and down the stairs. There are several different manufacturers of stair lifts. AmeriGlide is one of the most popular brands and famous and produced in the United States. A European company, Acorn Stair Lift, also produces lifts and very popular abroad.

This type of stair lift offered by the company are very similar, but the AmeriGlide stair lift has a lot more to choose. AmeriGlide stair lifts offer a battery and direct current. Acorn Stair lifts only offer batteries.

A stair lift battery plugged directly into the wall, but the elevator the stairs are supported by the battery. This type of elevator the stairs is great if you live in an area with frequent power interruptions occur because you are never without electricity. In addition to offering battery operated elevator, AmeriGlide also CA offers models that get their power directly from the wall and plug into a standard household outlet. The CA model is cheaper than battery-powered lift, but it will not work if the power goes out. If you have a battery-powered lift, you will have to replace the battery periodically, but usually not too expensive.

Although there are many different models offered by elevator AmeriGlide, Acorn only provides a model. The model offered by the Acorn Superglide 120 is and can be equipped for indoor/outdoor, supports about 300 pounds, and can also be equipped with a small platform instead of a Chair. The different types of stair lifts by AmeriGlide offered far more complete. They offer several different models for the use of the indoor and outdoor use. Most models support approximately 300 pounds. However, AmeriGlide also offers duty heavy lifting that can hold up to 500 pounds and have wider seats reinforced.

The two raised the AmeriGlide as produced by Acorn offers many safety features. Both offer sensors that detect objects the footrest on the elevator and made from only the finest ingredients. AmeriGlide stair lifts use aircraft cable-high test point breaking 4,200 pounds. AmeriGlide lift has also been tested for more than 30,000 cycles (around 16 years of use) and has shown no abnormal wear. Acorn Elevator is also very reliable and dependable. The second installation of the elevator the stairs is straightforward and can usually do in a few hours.

The second guarantee covers the lift produced by Acorn and AmeriGlide are very comprehensive, but it can often be a problem to get Acorn stair lift. It is because it is produced in foreign countries and imported to the US Even a day be too much if you rely on Your stair lift service issues, and often take longer to complete the Acorn. In this case, the AmeriGlide is far superior. In most cases, You’ll probably never need to activate your warranty, but it’s good to know it’s there if needed.

Elevator produced by Acorn and AmeriGlide are very high quality. They are very safe and highly trusted, but you can often get a better deal at the AmeriGlide lift. It is because it produced in the United States.